Epoxy/Flake Garages

Our Process

Our Epoxy/Flake system is a 2 day process and requires 3 days to fully cure after sealing. On the first day of our process we diamond grind the garage in order to open up the concrete and make it porous, we then clean the garage and remove dust, after this we will patch any holes/cracks if necessary and allow them to cure, once the garage is fully prepped we will roll down the epoxy and throw on the flake by hand. After completing this we will come back the next day and seal the garage with our 2 component sealer.

Epoxy/Flake Options

For our Epoxy/Flake system we offer 2 options, a heavy random broadcast which is our most popular and a full broadcast, for the heavy random broadcast we leave a small amount of the base coat of epoxy showing rather than completely covering the floor in the vinyl flake as we would do in the full broadcast option.


Our epoxy/flake system is one of the most durable and best looking garage floor coatings, we use a high solid 2 component epoxy that is resistant to most chemicals. and hot tire pickup.